Setting Up An Email Address

This article tell you how to set up Outlook and Outlook Express to use your domain for your email.

You will require an existing email account with another suppplier such as Xtra, ihug, Clear or SlingShot. We do not offer POP email accounts nor do we provide support for other companies products.

Please check with us that we have set up your domain to send email to you.

1. Open Outlook or Outlook Express
2. Click Tools > Accounts. This will open a window like the one below. Make sure you are on the Mail Tab.

This window lists each of your email accounts currently set up on your computer.


3. Double click the email account you wish to use for your email. This will open a window similar to the one below.

This window lists the settings for you chosen email account.

4. Make sure you are on the General Tab. Type in E-mail address field the email address you want to use for your email.

5. To complete the process, Click OK to close the Properties window and Close on the Internet Accounts window.