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The Sprocket Web Design Process

A four-stage process used as a base for all projects. Each project is unique - having different exact requirements, but all projects share common systems and require a common process to preserve best practice.Sprocket Web Design Methodology

Essentially, this means each web site is different but it is created using the same tools and addressing the same considerations. A clearly defined system is required to ensure a project is successful.

phase 1: planning


A Statement of Intent is generated from initial scoping and brainstorming.

phase 2: specification


A Specification is drawn up, detailing work that is to be undertaken, roles, timelines, budget etc.

phase 3: development


The generation of prototypes, content, systems and, ultimately, the web site.

phase 4: deployment


The site is tested and hosted online, user training is completed and the project is brought to a close.


How you stand to benefit

This process is crucial to an effective online presence. It streamlines the development cycle, it provides focus and it ensures quality. This benefits you directly as you know that you are making the most of the opportunities the web presents. This applies whether your web site is 3 or 30 pages as the process is scalable to suit your specific needs.