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Toying with the Internet could turn you into this

Your web site is not a toy!

We know how it goes: your nephew is computer literate, perhaps with a few clicks he can create a web site that looks smart and seems OK. But is it going to achieve your online goals? Before your nephew fires up his 'trial' version of Dreamweaver, you should be aware of the following components to every single web site:

Strategic Development
Identifying realistic business goals and implementing them to make the most of opportunities the web presents.
Making your web site as easy - even a joy - to use.
Information Architecture
How should you divide and present your information?
Copy Writing
Writing for an international and particular audience who skim read your content.
Technically Robust
Support a broad range of web browsers and technologies, now and into the future.
Search Engine Friendly
Ensuring the search engines can access your site and find the juicy content.
Visually Appealing
Making a web site that is easy on the eyes.
Project Management
Overseeing the creation of your web site from specification to launch.
lego block - we used to spend days playing with this stuff

We're amazed too

The reality is that poor implementation of any of these could ruin your web site, potentially losing you customers and money. So save yourself the risk, and get the professionals in - we take the headaches out of the web. The money you save could buy your nephew that new lego kit he's been drooling over.