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Considerations for developing an online presence

12 Questions we will ask

It is beneficial to answer the following questions before you undertake the development of your web site. They are issues you will need to consider before anyone does anything. A sentence for each question is generally sufficient. So grab a cup of coffee and put on your thinking cap, you've got some work to do...

Considerations for developing an online presence

  1. Who are you and what do you do?
  2. What is the main objective of your web site?
  3. Who is your target market?
  4. What will your customers predominantly use your site for?
  5. Do you have a sustainable competitive advantage?
  6. Who is going to generate your content?
  7. What parts of the site are going to have to be updated regularly?
  8. How should the site look and feel?
  9. Do you have existing branding (logos, colours, etc.)?
  10. Does the site require any advanced features: booking or payment systems, newsletter etc.
  11. How important is attracting visitors with Search Engines going to be?
  12. How will it attract new visitors and keep existing customers?


How was the coffee? You should now have a better understanding of the direction of your web site. These are the types of questions we will ask in a consultation, though we are more thorough and tailor the scope to suit your industry and the current situation your business is in.

What happens next?

You could now review the Sprocket Web Design Process or our web design services, or contact us to make a meeting so we can get started. The coffee is on us.